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Have you ever wondered if your imagery is working hard enough?

In a world awash with words, how do you tell a story that glides across the top of all others? How do you make the unseen, seen? How do you know your story is being captured faithfully ?

We all have access to a phone/camera and they’re easy to use. But what about the thought behind the photos? Creativity is complicated. It’s tough getting the perfect brief, but it’s what makes all the difference when you are after something special.

My photography comes from a philosophy of 95% thought, 5% click. I ask questions, lots of questions.

I love to define human character and concepts through the captured image. What’s important to me is the consideration and respect given to your subject, before I press the shutter. Classical training calls this the decisive moment, seeing what others don’t, the truth.

If you have a story you want captured in photographs, call or email me.


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